Hydrocarbon Response Agent • Water Based
• Biodegradable
• Non-Toxic
• Non-Flammable
• Non-Corrosive
• Non-Hazardous
How it works • Breaks down hydrocarbons
• Emulsifies and encapsulates
• Accelerates bio-degradation of hydrocarbons
• Flammable hydrocarbons are neutralized
• Brings LEL down rapidly and will not support combustion
• Supresses vapor
Typical production pit with weathered crude floating on water
Applications • Spill clean-up
• Soil bio-remediating
• Production pit closures
• Fuel and oil dispersant on water
• Tank de-fuming and cleaning
• Equipment cleaning
• Pavement and street cleaning
SuperAll is a combination of natural surfactants that accelerates the natural breakdown of hydrocarbons into non-toxic components. SuperAll micro-emulsifies hydrocarbons (see Fig. 1.) so that they become non-flammable and readily biodegrade by increasing the surface area. In the micro-emulsified state, hydrocarbons are readily available to naturally occurring microbes in soil and water resulting in the total elimination of the oil.
Applying SuperAll (dilutated 1:8 with water) to production pit.
How does SuperAll work?  
SuperAll is blend of ionic surfactants that display a unique synergy to break hydrocarbon molecules into microscopic particles. Ionic surfactants have two ends; a water soluble polar end and non-polar oil soluble end. SuperAll’s non-polar ends dissolve in the oil and the polar ends project into the surrounding water. The polar ends repel each other creating a stable oil–in-water micro-emulsion which prevents he oil droplets from re-coalescing.

SuperAll puts the hydrocarbons in a micro-emulsifed state whereby the hydrocarbons become a food source for naturally occuring microbes in the sorrounding soil or water environment. Under the proper conditions, the microbe population will bloom and consume the oil to non-detect levels.

SuperAll is a safe, non-toxic cleaner for hard surfaces, equipment and the remediation of hydrocarbons. SuperAll contains no butyl, petroleum, acid or other hazardous materials. SuperAll does not contain microbes or enzyme cultures.

After cleaning with SuperAll there is no sheen seen as with normal cleaners. There is also no need to capture the rinse. The oil is in a stable micro-emulsified state and will bioremediate naturally after drain-off.
SuperAll is diluted with water in its application (see dilution table). SuperAll works on both fresh and old crude and hydrocarbon product spills, weathered crude production pits and landfarms. It is also used to clean equipment and hard surfaces with a high pressure spraying rig.
CLIENT:                             Basic Resources (Guatemala) DATE: JAN/ 2001, JUNE/ 2001
LOCATION:                       Campo Caribe – Caribe 2 PQ2
VOLUME:                          708 M3  
CLIENT:                              PEMEX Exploración y Producción DATE: FEB. 2, 2003
LOCATION:                        Chiapas- Catedral 5 (Presa D)
VOLUME:                           379 M3
PROJECT:                        LANDFARM
CLIENT:                            Basic Resources (Guatemala) DATE: 01/2000 - 10/05
LOCATION:                     Campo Rubelsantos – Área de Bioremediación
VOLUME:                        20,000 M3  
CLIENT:                              COSTA BOLIVAR DATE:   1999
LOCATION:                        BACHAQUERO, VENEZUELA
VOLUME:                           3100 M3 (7441 TM)
CONTRACTOR:                 ECOAMBIENTE C. A (Maracaibo)
CASE HISTORY:               USE OF SuperAll# 38 as an OIL DISPERSANT (OFFSHORE)
CLIENT:                            PEMEX Exploration Production DATE: Jan/ 2005
LOCATION:                      Canatarell –Grijalva Platform - Workboat “Persuader I” – (Naviera Integral)
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