Ecofluids, Inc was incorporated in 1991 in the State of Texas, USA. The company began by processing the patented lost circulation material and has grown to supply a full line of drilling fluid chemical products and proprietary drilling fluid systems.  Ecofluids main customer base and market focus is exporting chemical products to independent drilling fluid service companies in Latin America as well as the USA, West Africa and the Middle East. Ecofluids works closely with its customers, developing custom drilling fluid systems in customer laboratories, providing experience, quality products, formulations and application know-how.

In addition, Ecofluids also provides oil spill clean-up technology utilizing SuperAll, a proprietary water-based surfactant that rapidly remediates oil in drilling pits, production pits, oil base cuttings, and spills. We offer environmental consulting services from our staff of experts to optimize the use of SuperAll  to accelerate remediation dramatically reducing equipment and man-hour cost.

Ecofluids, Inc manufactures and supplies a full line of high performance environmentally safe drilling fluid additives minimizing the impact on eco-systems in land and offshore drilling areas.