ECOTHERM is a high performance water based system designed to drill production zones in severe downhole conditions.  It is formulated with a specially selected glycerol (EF-100N) and high temperature polymers to withstand temperatures up to 450°F. The ECOTHERM system is resistant to contaminants encountered in these severe environments including CO2 and H2S. It is also a highly inhibitive system which has been used to drill pay zones resulting in dramatic oil production increases when compared to offset wells drilled with conventional oil based fluids.


The STRATADRILL system is a water based system designed for drilling reactive clays and shales.  This highly inhibitive system utilizes amine based STRATADRILL and GUMBO-TROL for inhibition, ECOSULFONATE for dispersion and complementary products to drill clay and shale intervals. The STRATADRILL system is usually utilized in the intermediate section of the well.


The KSUB-PHPA system is a PHPA fluid utilizing proprietary KSUB, a potassium substitute that is highly inhibitive.    The system is a low chloride and environmentally friendly. The K-SUB-PHPA system is designed to drill through the reactive shales in the intermediate section of the well.  In addition, the system utilizes Wyoming bentonite, caustic soda, KSUB, (a solids-free liquid which replaces the inhibiting effect of the K+2 ion) and ECO-PHPA for encapsulation of the drilled solids. 

The KSUB–ECOFLEX system contains ECO-FLEX, a gel-strength modifier and shale stabilizer designed for water based drilling, milling and completion fluids. ECO-FLEX provides borehole stability and superior hole cleaning for drilling highly deviated or horizontal sections as well as for milling of casing. This fluid is especially effective when drilling unconsolidated, unstable, stressed or faulted formations. The KSUB–ECOFLEX system is capable of remarkable solids suspension, yet exhibits extreme shear thinning flow characteristics.. The result is a low-solids fluid system that drills like water, yet forms, almost instantly, a unique gel structure that carries and suspends cuttings while providing superior shale stabilizing characteristics.

The KSUB–ECOFLO system is a visco-elastic inhibitive polymeric fluid which is highly thixotropic.  It is a shear thinning fluid that at low shear rates imparts very high viscosities. The KSUB–ECOFLO system is best suited for drilling deviated wells and especially effective in horizontal sections and pay zones. 



The ECOMUL system is an inverse emulsion oil-based fluid. The ECOMUL system is used for drilling in highly reactive and pressurized shales and clays typically found in long intermediate intervals. The system rapidly drills in gauge holes with minimum hole washout.

The ECOMUL system is formulated using diesel for the external phase.  The system uses ECOMUL as the primary emulsifier, ECOWET as the secondary emulsifier and wetting agent, ECO-OBGEL, an organophilic clay viscosifier, and ECOFCL an organophilic lignite or ECOFCG, a Gilsonite resin as a filtration control agent. In systems with excessive solids and high temperatures, ECOSPERSE is used to disperse the system and is very effective in low concentrations. ECO-RHEO is a rheological modifier and is very effective to increase low-end rheological properties reducing organophilic clay requirements. 


The ECOBASE 300 invert drilling fluid system is designed with a synthetic paraffin base oil.  The absence of PAH’s and aromatics result in  a lower toxicity invert fluid than normal diesel based invert drilling fluids. The ECOBASE 300 system has extremely stable rheological properties, flat non-progressive gels and can tolerate high drill solids loads. Higher penetration rates can be achieved with the ECOBASE 300 system because of lower plastic viscosities and greater shear thinning characteristics.  All of the products in the ECOMUL system are compatible in ECOBASE 300 base oil.